"I wish I could look at all of the women who shy away from discussing their dreams and tell them, 'It’s okay to dream big. It’s okay to be proud of yourself. It’s okay to share that with other people.'"

- Alex Palmerton, Foodie + Founder of The 5th Sense

Eat to live or live to eat? Either way, Alex Palmerton knows that an essential part of living is right there on your plate. As a universal necessity for every being on this planet, Alex believes that eating not only brings us together, but the manner in which it is done also sets us apart — it builds community and tells the world (and whoever is lucky enough to be seated at your table) who you are and what you stand for.

"Managing the business side of art requires that you take a step back from your creative side...My advice would be to be honest with yourself about the kind of worker you are and run your business accordingly... You have to figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are and create a business style that works for you."

- Lauren Skunta, Founder of Elbowgrease Designs

With dedication, passion, talent, and a little bit of luck, Lauren Skunta landed her dream job as an Anthropologie Display Coordinator in NYC after graduating from college. Working at Anthropologie, she could bring her imaginative visions to life in the form of stunningly creative window displays. Three years later, she’s the owner and talent behind Elbowgrease Design, based out of her studio in Cleveland, Ohio. Elbowgrease Design offers custom-made wedding decor and window displays for brides and clients across the country, inspired by the idea that your wedding environment should be just as tailored to you as your dress.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals (#sportz), the upcoming Republican National Convention, and good weather finally here to stay (did it really just snow here last weekend?), there’s no better time than now to highlight Cleveland’s hipster treasures while indulging in a delicious brew and soaking up the sunshine. BYOM co-founder and editor, Sarah, takes us through her favorite Cleveland breweries where she regularly does just that. Oh…and GO CAVS!

We are so excited to introduce the newest member of the Be Your Own Muse team, Emily Brice! Emily is a rising junior at our own alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she is currently studying Public Relations. She’s passionate about the power of communication, personal growth, women empowering women, and the importance of being a global citizen. With Emily’s assistance, there’s sure to be some big changes coming up this summer. We can’t wait to show y’all what we’re capable of…’cause together, we’re better.

"Slowly, I’ve gotten more confident with myself and have stopped undervaluing my own work. That feels really good."

- Robin Eisenberg, Artist + Graphic Designer

If you’re unfamiliar with Robin Eisenberg’s work, it’s best summed up as “a weird neon dream about alien babes, junk food, solitude, and space.” Needless to say, her work is otherwordly, occupying a space where women (albeit alien women) are front-and-center, Star Trek fashion dominates the runways, and junk food can be consumed guilt-free.